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In 2010, several members of two Alliance churches in Sacramento met for prayer to ask God where He was working and where He wanted us to join Him. After about an hour and a half of praying, we were directed to Detroit Boulevard in South Sacramento.

We began walking through the neighborhood, praying over each home and rebuking the strongholds of addiction and violence. Also, we demanded that all demon worship be interrupted by angels singing praises to Jesus.

Each time we prayed over the houses, we felt the weight of oppression become lighter and lighter.

Since we asked God to bless the area, we believed we needed to occupy it as well. On May 16, 2010, a group of nine people planted Detroit Life Church (DLC) in the pavilion at Susan B. Anthony Park, adjacent to an elementary school with the same name. We cleaned up the pavilion and converted it into a church.

Many of us grew up here, went to school at SBA, and lived through the times when this neighborhood attracted law enforcement on a daily basis. In fact, when we started, law enforcement referred to Detroit Boulevard community as a "carnival" because they could get every kind of arrest available.

On March 17, 2013, the church moved from the park pavilion to the cafeteria of Susan B. Anthony School, where we meet every Sunday afternoon.

During the past few years, we quietly changed the condition of the neighborhood. We have been informed by police officers that Detroit Boulevard is now boring because it is no longer the subject of intense activity.

One of our main focuses includes meeting the needs of the community. We periodically hold clothes drive, distribute excess food and hold special events like Easter egg hunts, and Vacation Bible School. These events plus the continual presence of a church praying for and over every home in the area resulted in epic changes for the neighborhood.

Detroit Life Church is a developing church under the Central Pacific District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. For more information about our beliefs, please visit www.cmalliance.org.

Join us as we work together to bring the light of God to everyone in this area. We hope that you'll find a home with us here.

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Eric Teagan

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